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In this section I’d like to record comments from those who have visited my Website. This is a new section, so it will take time to gather momentum. If you’d like to add something just email me by clicking:

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Rene, thank you for sharing these beautiful reflections

[in your book called: EXPLORING FAITH, HOPE & LOVE].

Socrates believed in an idea called the "unity of the virtues": that
you can't have one virtue without having all of them. I think the part
of your book on love is an eloquent argument that you can't have any
virtue unless you have love--and if you have love, you have all of
them. This is deep and important. St Paul tells us that love is the
center of Christian life, and your book is a beautiful illu]stration of
this, showing how to relate to others in a way that is loving.

I am less emotional than you, so I myself would focus a bit less on
emotions, but I think it's likely that I am missing out by being less
emotional, and you are right to focus on the emotions as much as you

In the past, I haven't thought much about hope, and I appreciated your
extended reflections on hope. It is indeed deeply connected with love
and faith. I also really liked the arguments for God's goodness.

Thank you again for sharing!

DISMANTLING THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL WITHIN ME SO LOVE CAN THRIVE 's effect on me is to be much more aware of myself; motivations, behavior, and walking, or not walking in love - that is, in the Spirit. It is making a big difference. [As for judmentalism].... you have the answers to that to, so am finding the whole thing very useful, growthful, and interesting.  I think it is a very helpful piece of writing, Spirit led with awakening powers for others (and me). Thank you Rene, thank you Jesus.

The book DISMANTLING THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL WITHIN ME SO LOVE CAN THRIVE shows a great amount of wisdom concerning the Christian life that has been learned in the trenches. It shows grace and love rather than a bare legalism. Bill Reimer

I cannot make justice to the entire book titled: DISMANTLING THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL WITHIN ME SO LOVE CAN THRIVE. But I am presenting what I took reading it. It is the expression of a personal experience as well as a process of transformation. It starts from the dark place of being with self and others. It makes sense to include the world as it is and make a personal connection towards a deeper understanding. I ask myself this question: how can I manage my own negativity in a troubled world that I perceive different from my own path?

This book has a genuine approach to what I call: "A search for truth". This truth will be the ground work to connect and distinguish between people's behavior and personal values. Deeper yet, it is a dichotomy of good and evil within the self. The book presupposes a conflict between what a human being is in the world and what the aim should be as an individual. It displays the most intricate network of emotions. This is the case where all emotions head into their own directions without making logical sense. The author depicts a good example where any human being could end up in the middle of nowhere regarding his own values. Not because those values are in the wrong place but, the individual being at the crossroad of good and evil (both inner and outer). There is a pathway created through revelations and understanding of social conduct. This book is very unique and based on personal experience; however, at a more profound analysis it discloses a theme for many of us. The theme is to stand up against evil without disturbing other people's quiet space and life. Rafael Tejada

"Wow... page 39 of DISMANTLING THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL WITHIN ME SO LOVE CAN THRIVE really struck me for some reason. This kind of vocabulary around sin, and this kind of clear mapping of how it works, is so totally absent from our everyday imagination and discourse. And it's compassionate: OF COURSE angry people experience discord, emotional pain and sadness, and OF COURSE they will look to relieve these feelings through other means. Once we can see this, we can have compassion for them, forgive them, and challenge them to address the underlying problems - in ways you helpfully suggest. I am going to use this. Your brevity and clarity of thinking can really help people see themselves in a new light. It's like you've Windexed the window looking onto sin so we can see the issues more clearly. I really encourage you in this." Mark Munn

Wow Rene! Thank you for letting my eyes shine by showing your great Artwork. They are truly magnificent, even though I am not a proclaimed artist. Thank you and please! Keep on painting, and drawing!! The whole world deserve to have their eyes shine, too :) Kristina

It's very well written and the flow charts make it easy to get a grasp of the connections. I read connections I had never thought of before and I think it has power to change people because when I read through it I can't say I related too well (since my wife takes care of my pride!) No, but the after effect, not related to my thinking, was humbling. I found myself suddenly aware of gross prejudices and exclusionary thoughts that discounted people. (Everyone is worthy of respect) And I felt more open and hungry for the things of the Lord. So I hope many people read: DISMANTLING THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL WITHIN ME SO LOVE CAN THRIVE from this Website and get blessed....Anonymous

I just finally had a chance to look into your Website. I read some poems and liked them a lot. I looked at Photos and was sad when they finished. I looked at Artwork and was fascinated, intrigued and full of wonder at the range and power of them. It's a lovely Website and a very nice photo of you. Really good - liked your book cover very much too. I thought some of the photos looked like they should be used for post cards. ...Really excellent. Much love to you and Sophie. Anita

Ever since I've seen your website, I've meant to comment. It is a work of passion and art and really very beautiful! I hope many more people will visit it! ...Love, Desiree

My favorite [contents from the new Website are] your Photos of the clouds...lovely and so peaceful! ...God Bless, Francesca