Download Story To Computer...

& Transfer To Portable Device Reader:

Reading a long document from one's Laptop or even worse a Desktop Browser can be very difficult but I do give you that option. Reading it from a Tablet's Browser works very well. You may also print it if you want to. Or I give you the option to read my Story: "To Be Broken Into Freedom: A Spiritual Journey" on your mobile device by first downloading it to your computer in the form of a "pdf " document and transfering it to your mobile device's "pdf" reader such as iBooks for iPhone, iPad (mini)..., or the Andriod equivalent. You can either open the document in your computer's browser and choose "File>Save As" in Safari or FireFox and save it to your desktop (and then transfer it to your portable device), or you can click:
I used the to force your computer to download it as a zip-file through this last link. You might need some similiar software on your computer to unpack the the zip-file into a "pdf" and then afterwards to transfer the "pdf" Story to your portable device. It is up to you!