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This Website tells the story of someone who had many barriers to loving others for so long but who eventually found freedom to love with God's forgiveness, grace, and help. Bocks to love such as: supressed black anger, merciless hatred, blinding insensitivity, assortments of addiction, as well as unhealthy doses of legalism, a sea of pride, blunt judgmentalism, many fears and strong insecurities, plenty of selfishness, a lot of closed-mindedness, believing of lies, and incorrect thinking; and replacing them over time with the fruits of the Spirit which are: love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, and self-control
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Anyone who encounters roads that involve pain like the word “broken” suggests will usually draw back before entering those roads in order to count the costs. If one can summon the faith to believe that “freedom to love” will result then the odds that they will take such roads will increase.

Doing acts that don't gratify us in the doing, but bring joy only afterwards is what love is all about. I am well aware that in each human heart either a battle was fought, is being fought, or will be fought in the name of love or in the name of self. Either we are struggling with evil in order to do good, or we are trying to numb our consciences when doing evil, or we are abiding in Jesus bearing good fruit.

This story is about how God used pain and suffering to show me what He finds most important in our lives: Love. While going through University in Edmonton, I eventually came to see that everything was empty if it does not somehow involve love. This conception of faith would grow and grow until I dedicated my life to Jesus in 1989. This commitment however could not erase the terrible state my soul was in spiritually. Living life on my own terms before the summer of 1989 wreaked havoc on my soul's ability to love others deeply. I wanted to love, but I was a two-year old babe when it came to love. True, I did have a genuine passion for Jesus, but I had plenty of legalistic, proud, hateful, insensitive, judgmental, and immature attitudes in my heart hindering me from doing God's will more authentically. Eventually because my heart was in such a dismal state, I lost my footing and focus in my Christian walk and began to regress. My self-importance, self-indulgence and spiritual blindness grew and I got to the point where either I would die spiritually if that is what I wanted, or take the alternative: Jesus' invitation for me to be broken into freedom so that I would one day love maturely.

In To Be Broken Into Freedom: A Spiritual Journey, I outline all the details, obstacles, bends in the road, suffering, and decisions I made that enabled me to navigate through the brokenness and darkness I encountered. And I also record the process of me slowly learning to love and walk in the light and freedom there after. This journey took many years. Years that showed me what was and is in my heart so that God could get me to repent through His guidance and strength, and so become more and more able to love. Anyone who wants to know what Saint John of the Cross' Dark Night is about would do well to read this story. In short, this is a story about a person who journeys from folly to meaning, from childhood to adulthood, from playing the Christian to living it, from addiction to freedom, from sanity to insanity and from insanity back to sanity again, from light into the darkness and from darkness back into the Light, and from shallowness to Love. This is a story about how I navigated through the challenges brought about by my mental illness, and how God used it to change me and to grant me the promised freedom.



This section is my blog. It basically focuses on stuff Jesus is teaching me as I grow up in the freedom promised me after my Dark Night or Dark Journey came to an end.


THE GOOD NEWS (As I see it) is my invitation to knowing the Good News aka: Jesus.



This includes a collection of five books:

One called: EXPLORING FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE where I talk about what these virtues mean to me. Those further in love will correct me in many places.

One called: DISMANTLING THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL WITHIN SO LOVE CAN THRIVE where I provide a theology and methodology on how I have learned to repent from strongholds of sin (I believe this method can be generalized by others to suite there own struggles, sins, and strongholds).

One called: CONTRASTING HUMILITY AND PRIDE that talks about humility and pride in a way that tries to remain faithful to the Gospel.

One where I develop my version of the Twelve Steps: GOING DEEPER WITH THE TWELVE STEPS.

One that chronicles my struggle with my schizophrenia: TO BE BROKEN INTO FREEDOM: A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.

They reveal my thoughts regarding what I consider important to the Christian journey.

I also wrote an essay called DEFENCE OF THE TRINITY.



This Artwork captures themes and ideas that became more and more important to me as I journeyed further and further in the Darkness and eventually into the LIGHT.


The first two pictures are; one of the Brandywine waterfall, and the other related to the dead tree vision God gave before my Dark Night began. I speak more about these Photos in the story: TO BE BROKEN INTO FREEDOM: A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. The remaining photos are some of the better images I took over the years.


In this section I share some of the poetry that I came up with over the years, along with some prayers of praise directed to GOD.

Finally those who want to see Reviews for the Website click HERE!

Hope you enjoy... and understand much of it!

René Lafaut.